Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hello Sunshine!!!

Spring is days away and today it finally felt like it!  We had a nice (slow) walk to the park, which includes looking for a small dog that lives in the basement apartment of a building we pass and likes to sit in the window and watch the street.  Ella likes to stand outside the window and watch the dog.  We talk about, and wonder where this dog has gone, often (mainly Ella, I know where the dog is - heh!!)  I apparently forgot how warm near-60 degrees is and we were both quite overdressed!  I quickly realized Ella did not, in fact, need her wool hat - or any hat at all, for that matter!  It was nice walking on ground that is no longer frozen and on the three-block-walk to the park we saw more signs of spring - buds on trees,  sprouts coming up through the ground, and even a smattering of spring flowers!!  This time of year is so hopeful (I just hope we don't get any late-season snow storms!!)

Is it spring where you are?  What are you hopeful for this season??

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