365 Days of Ella

March 31st - bouncy horse = dirty hands??

March 30th - BOO!!!

March 29th - first molasses cookie...yum!

March 28th - teaching Savannah how to spell

 March 27th - Hangin' in Lexi's room

 March 26th - friends!!!

 March 25th - a little rest...

 March 24th - serious hat hair

 March 23rd - posing while sleeping takes talent

 March 22nd - helping to clean

 March 21st - lounging around

March 20th - (sleepy) bath time!!!

 March 19th - crazy bed dancing, of course!

 March 18th - looking for bed

 March 17th - pushing the stroller all by herself

 March 16th - love note to Dada

 March 15th - she *hearts* slides

 March 14th - nice weather, finally!

 March 13th - watching her best-buddy eat

 March 12th - "I don't know."

 March 11th - double trouble (or just a photo effect!)

 March 10th - catching bubbles

March 9th - sitting and reading :)

 March 8th - sharing her laptop with the dog

 March 7th - art time!

 march 6th - stacking blocks is challenging and fun

 March 5th - wearing Mama's running hat

March 4th -Dolly and George go for a ride

 March 3rd - preparing to play

 March 2nd - mid-morning cracker time

March 1st - drumming!!!

 February 28th - angry at the dog for bumping into her

February 27th - the best part of making egg-less cookies!

February 26th - here's looking at YOU kiddo!

February 25th - this happens every. single. day.  They are BFFs!!

February 24th - a puddle and laughter!

 February 23rd -  keeping in shape with some baby push-ups

February 22nd - ketchup pineapple = ewww  funny monster face = awesome!

February 21st - (pretend) cooking on the chair

February 20th -  it's important to play farm first thing in the morning!

 February 19th - plants and her reflection - my pure love

 February 18th - bored at the doctor's office...ho-hum

 February 17th - lounging on mama and daddy's bed while enjoying a snack :)

 February 16th - moving up to a big bed? (not yet!!)

 February 15th - playing in the playsilks

February 14th - Comfy sweater and quite the look!

February 13th - making Valentine's (sort of)

February 12th - with Daddy

February 11th - smiling (I'm not sure at what/who)

February 10th - not amused 

February 9th - what's better than one pear? Two!!

February 8th - putting dolly in a box (naturally!)

February 7th - snack time!!!

February 6th - holding tight

February 5th -  preparing for peek-a-boo

February 4th - hello hotel

February 3rd - Morning of our trip to MN

February 2nd - it is important to wear an apron for just-in-case

 February 1st - Having an "at home" day (and a laundry day, clearly!)

January 31st - Ahhh bath time

January 30th - waiting...

January 29th - Towels are more fun than toys

January 28th - Sleeping on Mama.

January 27th - Shadow!!!

January 26th - Hanging in a diaper and sweatshirt (too cute!)

January 25th - helping wash the dishes

 January 24th - Cooking while standing on a shoe box

 January 23rd - Enjoying pumpkin bread in the hallway (of course!)

 January 22nd - Making mischief!
 January 21st - Annoying talking toy? Check. Dog's ear? Check.  Pained expressions on both their faces... Priceless!

January 20th - Checking out her new cutlery and bib

 January 19th - trying to put on socks

January 18th - Clearly Mama is too close with the camera, especially when there is jumping on the couch to be done!

January 17th - Standing in a box, wearing a hat, life doesn't get better than this

January 16th - picking out bath time toys

January 15th - checking out the chicks at the Museum of Science

January 14th - singing a lying-on-the-floor song

January 13th - helping cook dinner...

January 12th - dress up day!

January 11th - Coloring is serious business...

 January 10th - Oh My Goodness a(n empty) Box!!!

January 9th - accessorizing

 January 8th - if I had a hammer, I'd hammer in the morning...

January 7th - shhhhh

January 6th - first real boo-boo on her head.

January 5th - sitting pretty in a big kid chair

January 4th - Lulled by the El train

January 3rd - saying bye bye to Dada

 January 2nd - napping in the car

January 1st - playing with outerwear

Dec 31st - Reflecting at the dog beach

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