Sunday, March 20, 2011

1st Day of Spring DIY Roundup!!!

Spring is officially here - hooray!!!  I have already spent a few days with the heat off and our windows open.  We went to the park at least five times this past week and we are all sleeping better due to the fresh air and exercise.  I don't think Ella has stopped running since we've gone outside - we didn't realize how cooped up we were this winter until now!!  Since spring is here, I thought I'd share some fun spring-y projects that I'd like to take on...maybe even before summer!!!

 These lace earrings are beautiful and deceptively easy to make!  Oh how I wish I could wear big earrings (not with a toddler!!)

 This ruffle number can be worn as a dress, short skirt, or maxi - AND you can make it yourself with just one piece of fabric and some elastic!!

 I made so many friendship bracelets when I was younger, but never thought of making them as necklaces.  This is such a fun idea, and I think it can even be carried off at an adult age (right?!)

 OK, so this isn't a tutorial, but a really sweet idea!  I have so many buttons and didn't know what to do with them until now!!

 Again, not really a tutorial, but a fabulous idea.  The best part?  If you don't like stitching, just head over to Letter Perfect Designs and get any one you'd like :)

 Oh Martha, what great ideas you come up with!!  It's a baking tray, it's a serving tray...and it's chevron striped to boot!

 I'm always looking for ways to spruce up our deck without spending any money - I love the look of these yarn wrapped votives and may have to make a few!!

PS Creative minds come together over at Pinterest, where I initially came across these fun DIYs!!

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Melissa said...

I love that tray...I just might have to try that.


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