Monday, March 14, 2011

How to be Sick in Style!

According to my latest research, it is still cold season!  Being sick is the pits - you feel bad, you look bad...or do you?  Here are a few steps that will help you feel less crummy and pretty things to help you out, too!  (note: many of these things can be used when not sick as well, which is what I suggest because, well, as I said before, being sick is the pits!!)

 Step 1: Grab a fun, big mug.  Fill with a bit of lemon juice, honey and hot water - yum!

Step 2: Make sure your tissues are close by (bonus if the box makes you smile!)

Step 3: Cozy into a warm blanket.  I love Pendletons - a wonderful combination of weight, warmth and style!!

 Step 4: Don't forget your toes - slippers are a must (fun colored moccasin optional!)

Step 5: Curl up with a good book or three!  I am a more recent convert to Agatha Christie - some books take a little bit to get into, but it's worth the wait!!

1 comment:

ricebabies said...

That whale tissue box is the best. Stop by my blog and enter for my wood doll for your cutie.


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