Sunday, February 26, 2012

Moving on...

Join me over at Glad To Be Here - more musings on pretty things!!

Since my last post, nearly a year ago, much has changed!  We have since added a new little one to our family, little Charlie, born in late October.  So now I have three loves of my life (including my husband, of course!!)  I've decided to take my kiddos' lives off the web - they are young now, but someday I'm sure they will have Facebook pages and whatnot, they will be on the web no help from me.  But that doesn't mean that I'm gone!  Nope, not at all!!  I'm actually starting some new adventures, and I'd love you to join me on my new blog, Glad To Be Here.  Hope to see you soon!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011


We've been sick around here lately.  Rather, we've been sick for the past 2 months (or so it seems!)  A nasty cold that takes you out at the knees and keeps you down for at least a week.  We keep sharing, too, so Ella and I are generally miserable together.  I haven't been feeling very bloggy - actually I haven't been feeling a lot of anything recently!  Not inspired, not finishing (or starting) any projects, not doing laundry (but who really cares about that!).  We've been doing a lot of sitting and cuddling, reading stories and doing puzzles, dreaming of warmer weather.  I've thought about putting my blog on hold, on taking a break, but I do have a few things up my sleeves that I want to share, though I'm not able to quite yet.  So I'm cutting back, I'll only now be posting a few times each week to share things that really move me.  As you may imagine, a lot will still be of my beautiful Ella-Bean, but you'll also see photos that inspire me, things that make me smile from Etsy, and other odds and ends.  I just wanted to give a head's up - life, by definition, is fluid, and sometimes you just have to "make it work" (as Tim Gunn would say!!)  I do hope you'll still stop by to join me on my travels!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Houndstooth? I do!!

Houndstooth - it's a pattern that's been around for awhile, but has some serious staying power either blown up SUPER big and mod or really small as an unobtrusive background pattern.  On a recent trip to New Hampshire I picked up a great black and white 60s houndstooth swing coat - I have big plans to shorten it up a bit and add some buttons (and I haven't taken a picture yet...I know I know...soon, I promise!)  Here are a few other neat uses of houndstooth I'm liking lately!!

This plush dino is cute enough to play with, stylish enough to be left out of the toy box!

 I love love love the touch of red in this child's tie, so very fun and fashionable

This 60s dress is just too much in the very best of ways - if only it was in my size!!!

 Cool vintage bags like this 1. are super fun to look at 2. hold a TON of stuff and 3. make for good conversation pieces when stopped by the TSA tipped off by who-knows-what baby stuff you (me) may or may not be carrying ;)

I don't own a flask, but if I did, this one would be pretty neat!!!

Mad Men meets Office Space (and really, this mug just makes me smile!)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

An Update (finally)

Well, the month of March has been updated in 365 Days of Ella.  As it turns out, it's hard to remember to take a picture per day - I wasn't expecting that when taking on this project!  So thank you to Ben, who also takes lots of pictures of our daughter and helped me fill in some gaps!!  And now, on to uploading April...

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring gardening has begun!

Last winter I decided not to throw out or compost our mums (and a random sage plant) after the weather turned permanently cold. Instead, I decided to try my hand at over-wintering the plants. So throughout the cold days and months my four sad plants sat under our porch eve looking cold...and dead. Well, today was beautiful with a warm morning sun. Ella and I had already been out an about early, so with time to kill before a little friend came over, we decided to tackle the porch and get it set up for the warmer weather! The bench and grill were moved and pretty pots were pulled out, getting ready for the new growing season!! Then, it was truth time...did the plants survive?

At first glance I'd say no, but that was pre-haircut. As I clipped away the old growth, I could see green in the middle of the brown stalks, and as the dead leaves fell away uncovered new growth.

It worked!!! One mum did particularly well, but ultimately all 4 made it through the winter and are all showing signs of new growth! I am, in fact, pretty proud of myself.

We cleaned up our plant mess and stood back to admire our work - Ella particularly loves sitting on the bench and wiping her feet on the mats.

You can see our four pots sitting up on the rail soaking in the sun! Good job, little plants, I see a great summer ahead of us!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Memo: It's Spring!

This is what it's like in Chicago:


This is what it's like in New Hampshire (where I've been hiding out visiting the past few weeks!)

New Hampshire missed the "it's spring" memo!

Clearly, New Hampshire has not yet received the message that it is, indeed, spring and the weather should act accordingly!!  We're happy to be home to our warmer weather (no snow!) and familiar routines...and a new project, hooray!!! (more on that one later!)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pretty Vintage Pieces...

As you may remember, since Ella turned one I've decided to dress her only in vintage, second-hand, hand-me-downs, and gifts.  So far, so good!  Ella is one well-dressed little lady, thanks to our kind family and friends!!  But, like any little girl, she's growing!!!  She's still a pretty petite little thing, but her growth spurts always entice me into doing a bit of window shopping.  Here's what I like about vintage pieces - they tend to be high quality and well made, and for little girls, come in colors other than pink!!

 Sometimes a bit of pink is OK, especially when paired with spring green leggings!

Speaking of green, this lovely mint green cardigan adds both warmth and color.

Lovely shades of purple and blue in a pretty-but-not-precious smocked dress.

 Oh this little puffer vest is just divine - I especially love the pockets!!

 This sweater vest is great for both boys and girls - such a neat mix of colors :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

(Happily) Seeing Red...

Red has always been my very favorite color - there is even a picture of me as a toddler dressed head-to-toe in red with a red balloon - I admit, it's pretty cute (and probably why I was so very happy when Ella got her own pair of pretty red shoes!)  Here are a few other bits of red that also make me smile!!

Red pomegranate seeds (Pomegranate Jewel) / red /  white / - IMG_8752 

Tomatoes..for sale... 


bright red 

Seams of White Among Red 



O o o o O 


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