Once upon a time I was a crafty kid - the story goes that by age two I was content if given some crayons and paper - I'm not sure how accurate that portrayal is, but I sure did love to draw!  My youth consisted of artistic highs (entering a local art contest and winning a ribbon...though everyone won a ribbon at that one) and then there were the lows (the short short scrap dress I made and wore in 8th grade that my boss had to ask me not to wear again...ever!)  In college, though, and life afterward things got a bit less crafty and a bit more nitty-gritty.  I got married and became a social worker (a job and title I adore, but that's not the focus here).

Then I got pregnant and had miss Ella-Bean and everything changed as they tend to do once you have a kid!  I temporarily retired from social work and became a full-time mom, something I find terribly inspiring!  Seriously, it sounds cliche, but mommyhood suits me well.  My little Bean inspired me to take out my sewing machine and go back to drawing, painting, stitching, creating.  I continue to be absurdly optimistic and am becoming a better seamstress.  This blog is my little space to share those things that make me smile and inspire me, as well as a place to share the many crafts and projects I have my hands in!!  It is also my space to abuse the use of exclamation points, dashes, and ellipsis (these things ...)  Thanks for joining me!!

More about me...
- My favorite color is Red.
- I think that TV commercials need a better vetting process because many are just. so. dumb.
- My hair is neither curly nor straight and routinely looks like I stood sideways in a wind tunnel to dry it
- I'd like to be a better gardener
- My dog seriously drives me nuts sometimes
- I think I'm really funny, which probably makes me funny :)
- Riding a horse and rowing on a crew team are both magical experiences (though when put together like this sounds very snotty!!)
- I've been told I have alien toes, but I beg to differ.
- I'd rather be sewing...


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