Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A win at home!!!

I have been at the rodeo all week, complete with a bucking bronco!  OK, ok, perhaps not an actual rodeo, but if you saw the way my sewing machine has been screaming at me while jumping all around, you'd be confused too!

Yes, I have been fighting with my sewing machine for the past several days - it was (seemingly) possessed!  I broke a needle and the machine would just jump around and yell at me or twist all my thread into a big knot *sigh*  So today, I sat down with the focused purpose of fixing this thing...and by gosh I did it!  I've been doing a lot more sewing recently - feeling like I'm making it up as I go, to an extent.  So far I made some pretty napkins and am currently working on a library bag.  I have a bunch of fabric squares I took from my parents' house that may soon become a free-hand quilt. 

I'm feeling quite proud of myself for fixing it!  Now off to catch up on a project or three!!

P.S.  Know how I told you to go get the Do Fun Stuff album the other day?  Well, if you need more reasons to get it, go preview "Nothing" and "Sleep" - just beautiful...

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