Sunday, September 5, 2010

Early morning with the (pretty) anxious dog...

We adopted our pretty dog when she was one-and-a-half and she has been high needs from the beginning.  Unfortunately, she was so abused by her first owners (she was rescued first by Animal Control in southern Illinois where she was chained up behind a house, she was then rescued by the agency we adopted her from after she was placed in a kill-shelter) that she has remained incredibly anxious.  After medication and a behaviorist, for the most part she does well, though she will still only walk the same one-block route and is easily derailed.  She is truly a dog of routine, each day walking at the same times with the same person, and returning to her crate or the couch afterward.  For as frustrating as she may be, she has never (EVER) been aggressive.  Not once.  And this includes when she was so terrified she would not go up stairs, requiring me to lift each paw (note: we live on the third floor - ugh!)  She lets Ella crawl all over her, grabbing her face and ears (with us supervising, of course!) and even seems to enjoy it.

But her very favorite thing is going to the dog beach.  We don't go as often as I used to, since it is challenging coraling an anxious dog while trying to get your kiddo into the carrier, but on the weekend we try to go both days.  Today was no different and she had a blast!  And I have to say, as much as I miss sleeping in past 6am, there is something beautiful about a dog beach early in the morning, wouldn't you agree?

Frolicking in the waves!

Meeting a new friend :)

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Kat said...

Lovely pictures! She looks so sweet.


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