Monday, August 30, 2010

Do Fun Stuff (like, NOW!)

There is a little boy (and other little ones) who have a genetic disorder called Smith Magenis Syndrome.  It is very rare and they do not know much about it.  This little boy is adorable and has inspired many people (myself included).  This little boy's (step)dad (aka Best Friend) writes an amazing blog called Pacing the Panic Room and he sent out an SOS to other mamas, papas, and humans everywhere a year ago.  He has made it easy (and fun) to help, all you have to do is love music...that's it!  Music for kiddos that won't drive you batty - fun, smart music with a kick.  You should probably pop over to iTunes and buy NOW...because you too will be helping, and that's just good karma.  And did I mention it was great music?!  Well, it is - I got it today and I couldn't. be. happier!!

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