Monday, September 6, 2010

Finished Products!!!

 (Sad, my machine pre-fix, with my broken needle off to the's a much happier machine now!)

With my sewing machine finally fixed, I've been able to finish up a couple of projects recently.  I'm especially happy with the library bag and know that Ella-Bean and I will put it to good use shortly (she's already a little bookworm - hooray!)

For the napkins, I used two packs of fat quarters and bit more, making 6 napkins all together.  This was an easy and economic way to mix some fun fabrics!  My favorites are the ones with poppies and red ric-rac edging - love love!

For the bag I used remnant fabric...that turned out to be outdoor fabric.  Whoops!  The good news is that it wipes off easy, the bad news is that I melted it a bit with my iron (since it is 100% plastic).  The graphic is supposed to be a stack of books.  I hand stitched the "covers" with yellow thread and used a zig-zag stitch in white to do the "pages".  I think they turned out OK... is our bunting (and our bed, we have reclaimed cabinet doors as our headboard, I plan on painting them navy blue some day).  I think it's super cute...a little too cutesy for Ben, so it will be moving into Ella's room once I find a space for it.  I'd like to make her one the reads, "Goodnight Moon," though those letters were a pain to sew!! it turns out, sewing is completely addictive!  Make a couple of projects that turn out well and you too will be bitten by the bug!!!

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Arian said...

I love those napkins!! Cute bunting too : ) Crazy, I was thinking about making a bunting to span across the wall above our bed too. And our headboard is a collection of tall, skinny window frames a little like your doors head frame. Great minds : ) Thanks for sharing your link!


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