Sunday, August 1, 2010

Weekend outings

Even though I'm home with Miss Ella-Bean during the week, I still love and look forward to the weekend as much as I did when I worked out of the home.  Granted, I no longer get to sleep in (ever.) but I do get to enjoy cooler early mornings at the dog beach and late-night movies that aren't too late!  We sang songs, went on walks and stopped by a coffee shop.  

But the BEST part of this weekend was an old golf!  I know mini golf isn't for everyone.  Some people find it hokey, others are quick to brush it off as nerdy, but to us it is good 'ol cheap(ish) fun!!  We first trundled out to the suburbs to a course that is purportedly one of the best in the country.  Unfortunately, we found out the hard way that they are sticklers about their rule that everyone must be over 48" to enter the course...Ella is only 27"...and even strapped to Ben's back they turned us away.  Thanks to some quick thinking on my sweet husband's part, we found another fun course much closer to home and were still able to make it home prior to any baby melt-down.
If you haven't been mini golfing in a while, I encourage you to give it a try again!  What fun things did you do this weekend?


Danielle said...

We went to a splash park and I got a bonus few hours at home, alone. Lovely!

Rach said...

Went to the Chicago Botanical Garden. There was a fountain the the Rose Garden there that I'm sure Miss Ella-Bean would love to play in :)


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