Thursday, July 29, 2010

How does your garden grow?

Hopefully your garden is growing along just as well as mine.  I have really kept up with the watering this was a bit of a weakness in the past...and as it turns out, plants don't so much thrive without water!

I have been using my herbs in a lot of dishes throughout the summer, but most exciting, today I finally had my first big veggie harvest! (it's a container "big" is relatively speaking!!)

The smaller tomato was eaten immediately after this photo was taken (and it was super good - mmmm).  One of the peppers is hot and one is sweet...but I don't remember which is which so it should be a fun taste test (but I guess not for the baby!)

My sweet pepper plant has three more peppers still cooking away.  My hot pepper plant only had the one...hopefully more will grow this summer.

Now how beautiful is that?!  I planted my tomato plants in rather shallow containers (for tomatoes) and it is a bit windy on our deck, so the plants didn't grow very tall - they are only about a foot high at most.  I'm happy that they are both churning out lots of tomatoes, yum yum, I can't wait!!!

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