Monday, August 2, 2010

Playing dress-up...

I think many vintage dresses are beautiful.  My Abuela was a seamstress and has sewn hundreds upon hundreds of dresses for herself, my mom and her two sisters...many were beautiful...others, well, no one is perfect!  Vintage dresses, however, do not generally like me - they don't fit right or I just look silly.  This is not as sad as it seems, because it saves me lots of money in the end, and it has never stopped me from looking.  In a few weeks my sister, Lexi, and I are going to be taking a sewing class together (what with all my free time!) so hopefully I will learn to alter a dress to fit my body (hooray!!)

Here are my sisters - Elise is rocking her high school graduation and Lexi is rocking a vintage dress my Abuela made (she updated it with the red belt)

I love love love this dress - the hues, the pattern, the cut...this one could possibly work for me!

This party dress has the classic 50s silhouette in a cheery teal - fun!
The Pucci fabric of this mod summer dress is divine!!

This cotton day dress looks oh-so comfy!

This little black dress is still a classic - I especially love the bodice!

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