Friday, August 6, 2010

Be right back...

Goodness - it's been almost a week (A WEEK!!!) since I last posted!  We have been busy busy again (play dates, visiting family, and a baby that just doesn't want to sleep.)  Summer seems to be revving up and winding down all at the same time...and I cannot entirely say I mind.  It is like not enjoying being happy without knowing what it is to feel cannot enjoy fall without really knowing summer...and what a summer this has been!

We are back in New Hampshire with fun fun fun on the agenda.  I'll be back tomorrow with more pics, but so far our plans include:

- Cookies!!!
- Hospital Day parade (will be explained more later...Ben laughs whenever I talk about Hospital Days...)
- Hiking up Kearsarge *sigh*
- Picking (and eating) more blueberries than one could imagine
- Fast and slow boat rides
- Yummy dinners a la my mom-o
- Shenanigans (in a good way, I swear)
- Fabric shopping - HOORAY!!!
- The Sunapee Craft Fair (one of the largest in the country - full of beautiful artisan goods)

Yes, yes, I do so love New Hampshire :)

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