Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tweet Tweet T-shirt

For Father's Day Ella and I decided (OK, I did the deciding) to make Ben a special T-shirt.  I was inspired by this tutorial from crafty-mama Danielle - SO easy and fun!  I tried to come up with a pattern that Ben would be open to wearing and that symbolized that father-daughter deal.  I cut out the pattern and Ella did the finger painting.  I liked the baby and daddy bird theme, and Ben wore his shirt while traveling by plane, so I think it was a success! 

I should note that with such a young (and super-oral) one, this project took 2 adults and 1 baby...and there was still a bit of paint in the mouth at the end.  Also, I did not have newsprint and instead used a larger sheet of contact paper.  Word to the wise - do not skip the newsprint if you are doing this with a kiddo, they do not care if you use a larger piece of contact paper and will manage to get paint outside the protected area.  Finally, I encourage you to strip down your kiddo prior to taking on this project - makes clean-up a snap!  I'm excited to make more shirts (and pillowcases!) for our home with this fun and easy method!!


Danielle said...

love love the design you chose! super cute!!

and, I've always been meaning to do some painting on things around the house. I really ought to get to that. thanks for the reminder!

Green Pickles said...

Really cute idea! I love it! I bet he was one proud dad!
Love Aimee

gb said...

They also make great Grampsie presents...the giant oak and sapling is a fave over here.


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