Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I want to live in a barn

No really...I do!  My dream home (at this moment in my life) is a converted old barn on the East Coast somewhere.  I found one once online...it was beautiful...but try as I might I was never able to find it again (believe me, I've done many many google searches to re-find it *sigh*). 

Last week I was reminded of my dream when visiting a friend's new house.  It had a beautiful detached barn complete with old-barn smell, chewed horse stalls and antiques in the process of being refinished.  Yep, pretty much heaven.

(The barn sits on a hill overlooking the White Mountains.)

(The best part about those blinds on the right window?  That's a horse stall, complete with salt lick and feeding bucket...and apparently lace blinds!)

(I love this weathervane.)

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