Saturday, June 26, 2010

My ears are flying!

So I'm going to camp and I don't even have to leave home - it's true!  It's craft camp and it's really fun - lots of the projects can be done either fairly quickly or in parts.  So today I just happened to be sitting around with my bag full of leather scraps.

OK, perhaps I retrieved them from my craft room with the express purpose of completing this project, but I thought it was a funnier mental image to think I just hang with leather scraps.  Heh!

I decided for my first go at this project to be fairly simple, I'm not adding layers or beads or other embellishments quite yet.

I free-handed the feather outline and little cuts around the edges.

I'm really happy how they turned out and also...they are light as a feather! 

Unfortunately, Ella-Bean thought they were also neat and I quickly remembered why I only wear studs right now...


pat said...

These are perfect. I love how they follow the curve of your cheek.

The Crafty Fox said...

Yours turned out SO much better than mine!


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