Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Keeping warm the crafty way...

Recently miss Ella-Bean debuted in her first (and only) modeling gig - a beautiful sweater designed and knit by my friend Danielle.  It's soft, it's intricate, it's amazing...AND if you are knitting-inclined the pattern is available for you to tackle over at Rhythm of the Home (along with lots of other fun things).  It makes me want to tackle (as in knit) something besides scarves...hmmm.


You can't really see the button, but it was one of my favorite parts.  Seriously, I love this sweater...but I think Danielle would have figured something out if I had just picked up Ella and taken off running (though it may or may not have run through my mind...)  Plus we then probably wouldn't be friends anymore, and that's no good.

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