Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My MacGyver Moment!

This weekend we had family fun at the beach - through the woods and over the dunes we ventured to a dog-friendly beach in Michigan.  The weather was perfect, a warm 80 degrees, lovely for Ben and I, but too much for miss Ella-Bean's baby skin.  There we were, beautiful beach, warm sun, anxious dog...and absolutely NO shade anywhere.  So I reached back into the Girl Scout section of my mind and went all MacGyver on Ben and Ella.  I dragged over a heavy log and a 6-foot-tall branch I found along the shore line.  I took out our colorful blanket and laid it on the ground, laid the log halfway across it and used my hair ties to lash the top part of the blanket to the branch after breaking it in half.  The result?

Tah-dah!  Ella enjoyed several hours in her makeshift tent until the wind was too much and it all came down.

So the next day at the beach we employed plan B...

It fit the three of us (and the anxious dog) and I look forward to bringing it to our side of the lake this summer!  I'm happy with our newfangled beach tent...but I have to say, I'm especially proud of my MacGyver moment!!  Have you had a MacGyver moment?

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Lauren @ Hobo Mama said...

Ok, I just want to say I'm really impressed. :) We have one of those cool cabanas now, too, but I don't know if I'd have thought of the MacGyver way of rigging one. Very cool!


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