Sunday, August 2, 2009

I'm sorry, did you say third trimester?

That means there are no more trimesters between us and parenthood...what have we gotten ourselves into?!

As the days tick by, and we're under the 100-days until birth mark (only 90 days to go, to be exact), our pregnancy is becoming more real in many ways. To me, it's been real for the past couple of weeks as our little gymnast is trying out her latest floor and uneven-bars moves...or perhaps she's perfecting her can-can...or it could be martial arts, but whatever she's doing in there, she's having a grand old time! She especially likes to jump on the bed when I return from a midnight bathroom run, I'm sure just preparing me for many years of sleep deprivation :) For Ben, I think it became more real, not only when he could feel her kicking up a storm, but when he got to SEE her in action! One night I was lying on our large chair with a bowl of ice cream balanced on my tummy. I told Ben to watch as I lay very still, and sure enough, within seconds she had given that ice cream a mighty "thwack" and the bowl fell off my stomach (don't worry, I caught it and promptly ate the contents!)

We're learning about such fun things as "transition" and "rooming in" and in a fun outing to Babies 'R Us, we spent about 5 minutes learning how to remove the car seat we picked out from its base! Ben then took our chosen stroller for a test drive and it passed. I'm happy that I figured out how to close it with one hand quickly and on my own.

I don't have an updated belly-shot, but here is an update on the baby-as-fruit or veggie front.

Last Month:

This Month:

We're now trying not to stress about the fact that we seem to have something planned for the weekends ahead of us, and are trying to figure out when we're going to find the time to do X,Y, and Z...but again, I sense a life-lesson in all of this!

...the dog still doesn't know what's about to hit her!

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