Monday, July 13, 2009

Greek Love for the Bean

A Conversation with our Greek Neighbors...

**On a sunny Sunday morning, Ben, Andrea and Bader come down the stairs to go to the dog beach. Andrea is wearing a summer dress and you can tell that she's not just gaining weight around her midsection - she's with bean. Next door, two 100 year old Greek women are standing 5 feet apart screaming at each other. They are not mad, this is just how they talk...**

Greek Lady 1 (upon seeing Bader): Ooohhhhh, doggie! Doggie! Doggie! (then upon seeing us) Good morning!

Us (politely as possible while trying to wrangle the dog): Good morning!

Greek Lady 2 (upon seeing Andrea's baby bump): Today you are baby? Yes yes!

Andrea: Yes, I am pregnant.

Greek Lady 2: OOOHHHH!!! Happy happy baby baby! You walk a little for the baby!

Andrea: Yes, I will make sure to walk for the baby.

Greek Ladies: OK, good bye!

**Scene ends, Ben, Andrea and Bader go to the beach**

These ladies are great, keeping vigilant watch over our back ally way. They do not, however, speak very much English...but then, I don't speak any Greek, so I guess we're even! :)

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