Monday, April 27, 2009

Hello Trimester Two!!!

Well, we made it over the first (big scary) hump...the inevitable first trimester! Here are my current stats and some pictures (as an aside, I really hope this posts correctly, Comcast messed up our internet and it has been all wonky for 2 weeks - ick!)

Due date: October 31st, my plan is to go into labor dressed as a "sexy nurse"!!!

The Bean: looks great, s/he was just chillin' during the ultrasound (probably sleeping).

My mood: Improved, work has been great about my news, very supportive, with no pressure re: whether I'm going to come back post baby (which is good b/c I don't know yet!)

My appetite: normal. I no longer feel sick all day long, sometimes I'll get little waves of nausea, but that's it. I still have a strong aversion to anything-tomato. I'm trying to work more veggies back into my life. I'm not ravenous, I have no weird cravings, I pretty much feel my appetite is the same as it was pre-pregnancy.

My tummy: I can no longer suck it in (how exciting!)...which means I look like I'm developing a beer gut (how not exciting!) I'm looking forward to looking pregnant and not just fat (to put it bluntly).

OK, here are some bean fruit shots!

Bean at week 12:

Bean at week 13 (this week):

Wow - the bean is really growing! Pretty soon we will be out of fruit and on to random veggies...but I digress.

I promise to post new ultrasounds pictures tomorrow, due to my current technical difficulties I am ready to chuck my computer across the room.

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