Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Johnny Appleseed


This is not what we will be naming the bean if it turns out to be a boy - it's the current size of bean (or re-bean, as we've been calling it!) I also just got my first midwife appointment scheduled...April 23rd! Holy moly, that is so far away. I will be about 12.5 weeks at that time! I think I'll feel better after passing the 8week mark successfully.

Today I came home on the train with Ben, changed, and went back out to get my hair cut (I go down to Logan Square to Twisted Scissors, my hairdresser is Tiffany and she's AWESOME!) Anyhow, I got home a little after 8pm and Ben was on the phone so without passing go and without collecting $200 I went to bed fully dressed. Ben came and found me an hour later, pulled back the covers and exclaimed, "Now THIS is what I remember about you being pregnant!" I don't think I even realize how exhausted I am, work is so busy that I don't have time to feel tired (I'm just sort of zombie-like), so it all hits me when I get home. My goal for the week is to join the women-only gym down the block, I'm hoping a bit of exercise will help boost my energy levels. I've also been feeling waves of nausea this go round. I don't get close to vomiting, so I find these waves rather reassuring. Three more weeks and I'll be able to breathe a little easier!

As an aside, know what's a fun game to play with your pregnant, spacey and tired wife? Name the Supreme Court Justices game! I got 5, but I knew of all 9. Here they are in case you forgot:

- Scalia
- Roberts
- Thomas
- Alito
- Stevens
- Breyer
- Ginsburg
- Souter
- Kennedy

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