Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Oops I did it again...

Well, we were told that usually couples are encouraged to wait 3 months before trying again, our midwife encouraged us to wait 1 month, we waited 0 months. Yes, zero, zip, none. Were we really trying? Not really. Secretly hoping? Absolutely.

I had jury duty today, which was lovely - no work, sat in a quiet room for 3 hours playing on my Nintendo DS, and were then told we were dismissed. So I was excited to get home and actually clean the house. We've been so busy that it looked like a bomb exploded in the bedroom. So I started to clean, but was feeling really sleepy and a little queasy. I ended up taking a 1.5 hour nap and had to drag myself out of bed! So I figured, what the heck, I haven't had my period in over a month (though I felt like I could expect it any day now - I thought my cycle was just a little wacked since the miscarriage). I took a pregnancy test...and within a minute a second line popped up. I think I said "Oh my God" approximately a million times. I then went and told the dog - she was pretty appathetic about the news. Ben is going to New Jersey to take depositions tomorrow, so I'm planning on waiting to tell him on Friday night (we'll see, I'm horrible with fun secrets!) I'm a little nervous, I really hope this little bean sticks! I think I'll feel better once I pass the 8 week mark!

Well, I've removed everyone from being able to read this blog again (bwahahahahaaa!!!) Once we're a little farther along I'll invite everyone again, and you can read about my in-the-moment response to the news. Hmmm, I just remembered the crazy hormones I'll be experiencing again...lovely :)

This is how big the bean is currently...not even bean sized yet!!! Photobucket

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