Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What's that in the distance?!

Tomorrow marks 1 month since bean bailed. It's still a bummer (to put it lightly), but I feel that Ben and I were able to pick up and look ahead again pretty quickly. More difficult than tomorrow (because really, I just remembered that it's been a month) was Valentine's Day - not because it's a commercial holiday and all ooshy and gooshy and what have you (though you SHOULD ask Ben about his cupcake in bloom!), but rather, it was our 2nd trimester milestone...when your chances of miscarriage drop by 80%. When we were going to be able to tell everyone. Ahhh well.

In the meantime, Ben and I have been very busy with work, and we no longer have to plan the logistics of giving birth in New Hampshire. So now, we're looking ahead, and giving thought to "trying" again, though we're not going to rush anything. This has certainly been a learning experience, and I've never been under the delusion that personal growth is easy :)

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Andrea said...

And to think - I was pregnant when I wrote this!!! (But didn't know it yet...)


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