Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bye bye bean!

Well, this is the fastest blog in the world! (Though I'm sure it's not the fastest pregnancy). The bean decided to bail on Monday, January 19th :(

The story...

Saturday I started to spot...hmmmm...but I figured, spotting happens in many pregnancies, and I tried not to worry. We spent the day with Abuela, Irene, Jeanette and David - we had dinner and it was nice.

Sunday I woke up and thought the spotting had stopped. I think it was just taking a deep breath, because it came back with a VENGANCE. At that point, I pretty much knew this was NOT a sticky bean. So it seemed that I just had my period, and I was beginning to think that maybe I was crazy...maybe I had NEVER really been pregnant and somehow imagined it! I was glad that I showed my positive test to Ben and my mom (and Elise...sorry Elise *hee hee*) so at least I had proof that I wasn't crazy (at least not yet).

Monday I woke up at 4am with very very intense cramps. I wasn't in pain, I could just tell that my uterus was getting rid of EVERYTHING. I pictured a little bald-man janitor walking around my uterus w/ a broom just cleaning the whole thing out. Because I got so little sleep, and because I cried so much on Sunday I looked like I was punched in the face, I decided to call into work on Monday. I'm glad I did because that afternoon as I was talking on the phone with Alexis, the bean came out. I won't go into detail, because quite frankly it was gross, but at that point I felt relieved. I was proud of my uterus to be able to do its thing :)

So this part of the bean blog is over...we may be down, but we're not out. I visited my great Midwife, Jen, and was told that she suggests couples wait 3 months, more for emotional healing versus physical healing (apparently fertility bounces right back). We will probably wait at least a month before we get back on that horse, just to make sure that everything heals up ok.

So thank you all for your well wishes (ha ha, as I write this I have STILL not invited anyone to view this blog!) It's an ongoing process, and I will continue this blog b/c bean #1 was apart of that keep your eyes peeled in the coming months for more inevitably good news!!!

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