Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ice cream FAIL...

Free Rainbow Sprinkle Ice Cream Cone Creative Commons

Today we drove two hours round-trip for lactose-free ice cream, and sadly, it was a fail.  Why did we drive for so long for this specific ice cream?  Well, Ben had a $10 gift card that was about to expire, so we picked him up from work and then got caught in horrendous rush-hour traffic...ick.  We finally made it to the rather nondescript location and was greeted by a line of three people.  Usually lines mean good food...tonight, the line just meant one extremely slow ice cream scooper (which Ben pointed out was appropriate given how slow we were just going in the car).  The ice cream was fine, nothing to write home about, I had chocolate and couldn't finish it all if that tells you anything.  The ambiance was pretty terrible, instead of a happy ice cream parlor it felt strangely sterile and had a single HUGE flat screen TV playing some basketball game really loud...nothing was cohesive.  After we left we agreed that we probably wouldn't be back and that the place probably won't make it (which is sad, even though it wasn't a very good experience).  On the up side, little Miss Ella-Bean had a fantastic time - she has never had ice cream before and being able to dip her little spoon into either of our bowls was pretty exciting for her.  So there you have it, Ben and I judging with all of our adult insight and Ella loving it with all her child wonder...that's why having a kid is so great, they remind you of these things!! 

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