Friday, December 17, 2010

This is it - Love!!!

I have a confession - I love Michael Jackson's music.  Say what you will about his character and the various reasons he was in the media spotlight over the years, but boy did he make some good music!  I finally watched "This is It" today and let me tell you - had he lived to see it through, that would have been one heck of a show!  At 50+ years he still danced and moved like a man 30 years younger.  It shows him in a normal(ish) light - a bit eccentric, a bit of a diva, but also a really hard worker who was dedicated to his craft and those around him.  

I grew up listening (and dancing) to Michael Jackson's first LPs.  My sister and I couldn't stop ourselves, if a good song came on during dinner, well, we just had to take a break from eating in order to get up and dance!! (Gloria Estefan and Paul Simon's Graceland had similar effects)  When I turned the movie on this afternoon Ella was still awake and, sure enough, as soon as the music came on she too started bopping around.  

I'm not sure what music Ella will equate with her youth - we tend to listen to a lot of "old" music, since there hasn't been anything out recently that has been terribly groundbreaking.  And really, I don't know how I'd feel if, in twenty years, Ella told people "yes, and when Lady Gaga came on I just had to get up and dance..." it just doesn't quite feel right!

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