Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Today is December 1st and baby, it's cold outside!  The first sprinkling of snow dusted our porch for a few hours and we had to make a blustery trip to the store for basic goods.  Before having a little one, I loved shopping, perusing the aisles, musing over items, I have about 10 minutes to get in, get what I need, and get out!  Thank goodness for online shopping, I'm still able to browse without having to corral a bored little one.  In the spirit of sharing, here are a few pretties that I've stumbled by lately...

Winter flowers to last until spring

 A sparkler with a clean soul

Snow bird folk art

Greyhound not included with bed (drat!)

 Let it snow, let it snow...

 Trumpet filigrees...just beautiful

1 comment:

Lexi said...

I like everything except for the dress at the end...where it looks like she got the bottom of it snagged in a car door that then drove off... I'm sorry but as your sister I am responsible for you not looking crazy all of the I'm letting you know that it is perfectly acceptable to buy any of the online loves above, EXCEPT for the dress. Try again, le sigh. ;) xo ~Lexi


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