Sunday, November 28, 2010

Home again, home again

Things that have gone down in the past week-and-a-half:
- painted the bathroom (all by myself) in a night while Ella-bean slept
- wasted an afternoon stuck in bad traffic
- painted both of our bedrooms shades of grey in two short days (Thanks Lexi!)
- switched bedrooms with Ella in the same two days as the painting (a daunting task!)
- ate Thai food two nights in a row (YUM!!)
- visited with family in Chicago
- drove to visit family in Iowa
- made a pumpkin pie
- went down a slide (twice!)
- kissed and cuddled my sick baby
- held and celebrated the birth of TWO new babies of dear friends (welcome Austen and Sara!)

Things that have slipped:
- My blog (sorry!)
- exercise
- crafting

Though I love the holidays, they make me appreciate the "normal" and routine rhythm of our life.  We're taking a week to recharge, and then on to the holiday decorating, the gift buying and wrapping, and a special crafted Christmas gift for Miss Ella-Bean (if I can swing it - we'll see!)

In short, I'm back... And how are you?

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