Sunday, October 31, 2010

What scares you?!

Boy am I glad the Halloween season is almost over - it seems everywhere I turn there are new scary ads for the latest thrasher movie that I have no desire to see.  But it got me thinking, what scares me?  Nothing too deep or serious, since the spirit of Halloween scares seem to be surface-level (think fear of clowns versus contemplating one's own mortality!)  My impromptu list...

1. Balloons.  Hate. Them!  If you would like to see me have a complete panic attack, bring me a balloon!

2. Scary in anything with blood!  I don't understand the draw of thrasher or psychological thrillers - I'll take a comedy any day!!

3. Touchy-feely people (and close-talkers).  Blame it on my east coast upbringing, but I'm just not a touchy-feely person!  I don't do long hugs, I like my personal bubble...I guess this isn't something I'm scared about, necessarily...but maybe a little! (The only people this doesn't include are my husband and kiddo!!) 

4. The woods at night.  Gives you chills, doesn't it?!  I don't mind camping, but as a child, growing up surrounded by woods, I was convinced there were bears and coyotes just beyond the trees - yikes!

5. Pet birds (and cats too!!)  EEEP!!!  I don't mind birds in the wild, but parakeets, blech!!  I think it's due to my best friend's bird that bit me on the ear and didn't let go (the bird, by the way, is still alive - sheesh those things live forever!!)  Same goes for cats - she had a cat that bit and scratched - it's taken me years to get over that one (ok, still clearly not over it!)

6. Needles.  True story: at 13 years of age, in front of my sister and best friend, I basically climbed up and over my mother trying to get away from the nurse trying to give me a shot.  My mom had brought said friend and sister so that I would "play it cool" dice, cool goes out the window when it comes to me and needles!

...a little look into my spooky head!  What scares you?!


Anonymous said...

I am also terrified of domesticated birds. I especially hate when someone thinks it's okay to go out in public with a big Macaw on their shoulder. I'm so glad I'm not the only one!

Hartleigh said...

LOVE the nightmare before christmas like pumpkin! I drew on my friends chalkboard for halloween and drew a face similar to that! check it out on one of my recent posts!


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