Monday, October 25, 2010

Oh how I missed you...

 (I took a quick snapshot before the performance began!)

On Saturday we went to the Joffrey ballet and we agreed - we dearly missed these types of events!  It was a beautiful night, warm(ish) and clear.  Ella was home sleeping and we were out on the town!!  The performance we saw was called All Stars and was beyond wonderful.

As a child, I remembered the ballet being fun...for the first few minutes...and then it would slow down.  I was a touch worried that I was going to be bored, or worse, fall asleep!  But, as it turns out, 20+ years did mature me (in ways).  Not only was I not bored, I was in love!  We laughed, we sighed, it was over entirely too fast.  One act, called After the Rain, was by far the best of the four vignettes we saw - I could have watched it again and again quite happily.  It mixed hypnotic and beautifully slow piano and violin music with equally stunning and fluid movements of the pair of dancers.

We have tickets for two more shows this season and I think we're hooked!  The reason we moved to the city was for the cultural events we love.  Ironically, before having Ella, we rarely actually went to these types of outings!  With both of us working, we were often too tired and missed being at home, and quite frankly, if you let it, the couch will suck you in.  Now that we have a little one, we have a new appreciation for moments that are fully adult - no baby talk, carrying only my purse, and only having to worry about one person instead of two!

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Pat said...

And oh how I miss Hancher and dance!! Ed and I have seen "After the Rain" and it is gorgeous. What a wonderfully perfect evening for two people who couldn't deserve it more.

Never saw a dance concert until Marie Landon took me to one shortly after they moved to IC. I fell in love with it and my life has been so much richer since.



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