Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My little pumpkin in a patch

When I was little, my Dad called me Pumpkin, because I had a round head (oh yeah, and because I was really cute!)  Our little Ella-Bean has a different family nickname, but for today, she was an honorary Pumpkin baby.  It was a lovely day with a bonus - we drove out to the pumpkin farm with friends Danielle and little Ewan - it is a rarity that two moms can sit and talk uninterrupted for 45 minutes (plus a bit more since I got a bit lost!)  I love the feeling of forming new and deeper friendships, it makes me feel very lucky and supremely happy.  

(Ewan and Ella admiring the ponies)
The pumpkin farm was less farm and more extravaganza!  There were cutouts and camel rides and giraffe (yes, I said giraffe) feeding areas.  I know, I know, a bit much - but we were not there for the spectacle, we were there for the pumpkins!!  

Big ones, little ones, fun warty ones - it was so fun watching Ella toddle around with the "big" kids, making me (and the other moms) feel like we were loosing our babies - Ella was the holdout, the baby of the bunch, and now with her walking, well, there's no denying that they are all growing up.  I am still wholeheartedly denying that I have a toddler.  No, I have a baby that walks, but she's still a baby (my baby).  


Lexi said...

As her aunt I believe it is my duty to inform you that in the picture of Ella & Ewan looking at the mini-horses it looks as though Ella is sucking on one of the fence rods...perhaps even pulling herself up to do so?! I'm hoping that you took immediate actions to rectify the situation, maybe by having your (almost) 1 year old suck on soap...just an option, mom and dad used it on me all the time, ha! She looks so BIG!!!!!!! Can't wait to see you guys soon! xo ~L

Rach said...

So cute!! I can't believe that Ella-Bean has reached the time when she's walking already! Seems like just yesterday she was still a little growing bean :)


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