Sunday, July 18, 2010

How-Tos to do!!!

Today I was talking with my friend Stacy about an upcoming craft show she will be in (how cool is she?!) and I admitted the sad truth that I have been on a crafting hiatus.  There have just been bright sunny days where it would be a crime to stay in, and developmental milestones, and play dates...the list goes on!  The danger of being on a crafting break is that inspiration and ideas don't stop (and really, that's a good thing). 


Here is a great tutorial that I cannot wait to try!  Japanese masking tape is beautiful and can be used in so many different ways - fun wrapped presents, art journaling, greeting cards, gift tags, wall decal frames...I think you get the picture.  The great part about this tutorial is that it allows you to tailor your tape to your project (color scheme, pattern, theme and so on).

This is a fun tutorial that I may use to make Christmas presents (family members - please now forget that I said anything...or at least act surprised if you get one!)  After my Abuela moved into her new digs I became the recipient of some very pretty doilies, but I have to admit, I did not have a clue what I was going to do with them all...happily, now I do!

You think I jest?  Hardly.  This project is not only very do-able (hint: you use a soda can for part of it!) but you end up with something that you can continue to create with!  I cannot wait to both make this little camera AND take some fun pictures!!

I often swoon at light switch covers at Anthropologie...but I just cannot bring myself to pay for something that seems so frivolous.  Now I won't have to!  I have some pretty vintage papers that needed a good home and lots and lots of boring white light switch I just need a bit of time (for busy moms out there - this project is, in fact, easy enough to do while your little one is awake...though it does involve an X-Acto knife, so it's not necessarily a great help-me-with-this project).

Alright, this last one is on my list of life-time to-dos, and a shout-out of inspiration and faith to my sister who is in the midst of reupholstering a chair (which is covered in a terrible green brocade fabric...which she pulled back to find that the chair had been recovered once and the original fabric was a terrible rose brocade...ha!)  This before and after (it's really not a tutorial) has an amazing time-lapse video of the transformation...stunning!


Becca said...

Cute project ideas! I would really love to know how to upholster something too.
-Becca @ The Bee Zoo

Kat said...

Neat! I love the doilly cushion idea :-)

P.S. Is your family Latin? I noticed you said "Abuela". That would be another thing we have in common ;-)

Andrea!!! said...

@Kat - :) yes, my Mom is Cuban, what about you? And the commonalities continue!


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