Thursday, July 15, 2010

Here fishy, fishy, fishy!!!

Ella and I enjoyed some fish...and the aquarium on Wednesday.  I had not been to the aquarium in ages, and forgot how much I enjoyed seeing all of the coral and fish - it reminded me of all the times with my family and Ben that I've been snorkeling.  Those have been during some of the best trips of my life!

These moon jellyfish really are lunar!  They all floated gracefully in a clockwise circle - not one of them going against the grain.

I don't remember what this animals official name is, but I think it looks like a sea dragon!

The rays were in a tank that you walked over! You can kind of see the bright blue speckles on their wings - beautiful!

Coral is just lovely, plain and simple.

This sea turtle reminded me of the time Ben and I saw one lay her eggs in the wild in Costa Rica - it was just a fluke that we happened to be walking the beach when she was walking out of the water.  It was an amazing experience...


Lexi said...

the turtle's reflection is very cool, it took my eyes a second to see which one was the 'original', but I think my favorite picture was of the jellyfish, beautiful blues!

pat said...

These are just beautiful! I've never been snorkeling, but they capture the quiet beauty that I imagine is snorkeling.


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