Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bean and the Bean

(The band shell on a cloudy, muggy morning)

We don't get downtown as often as we'd like to.  Somehow, riding the El with a bunch of tourists doesn't appeal to me most days...and yet strangely, I miss it.  I miss the sights, the sounds (they are filming the next Transformers movie right where I used to walk to work each morning!)  I miss the architecture and the way the city is always changing.

(My bean reflected in The Bean)

So last week Ella and I hopped on the train and went downtown.  My main purpose was to introduce miss Ella-Bean to Chicago's bean (otherwise known as Cloud Gate...but no one really calls it that).  We listened to an orchestra practice in the band shell, we splashed under the face-fountains (they even change to "spit" water every 15 minutes or so!)  We had a lovely time...

(can you spot us up there?!)
But I couldn't help but feel a little disconnected.  Not in a sad way, but in an accepting way.  I'm still a city girl, we could not imagine moving to the suburbs, but for now I'm enjoying the community-focus of my city neighborhood rather than the hustle and bustle (and fancy high heels) of down town...


Rach said...

Believe me you are not missing anything with the Transformer's filming :) Its been a headache trying to get around and the extra crowds are most annoying.

Love the Ella-bean in the Bean picture!

Danielle said...

I've been loving just hanging out in the 'hood too. Sometimes I feel like my world is so very small, usually staying between Lawrence, Ashland, Irving and Rockwell. Other times, that's exactly the way I want it.


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