Friday, May 29, 2009

My belly and STEAK!!!

So, it's beginning to show a bit more, though it depends on what I'm wearing. Here, finally, are some pics - a belly pic, and then some pictures from Michigan, just because I can!

First, my belly. Ben thinks it's fun to hug me because it feels "hard and it sticks out" - let's quote him on this when I'm at 9mos, shall we?!

This is from a sand dune - SOOO pretty, I'd go back in a heartbeat

Ben and I in the car (there were a series of funny face pics before this one)

The dog having a great time, but also really hot!

The current theme of my pregnancy is steak. Steak steak steak! I can't get enough of it, YUM! For dinner, I had steak, on Wednesday I had steak salad, last Saturday I had gyros for lunch and steak for dinner. I'm a protein whore! I think this baby may be heading for a growth spurt soon, what with all the protein I'm craving! I'm looking forward to my tummy really getting out there soon! (you can quote me on that one at 9mos too!)

And finally, the size of bean last week (17):

And the size of bean this coming week (18):

(As I write this I'm at 17w6d)...ok, have a good night, and please pass the steak!!!

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