Friday, February 25, 2011

Ella and her Dolly

Have I told you about dolly?  Ella's dolly - I got it for her for Christmas from The Rice Babies, a wonderful Etsy seller (hooray handmade!)  I got to chose her skin, hair and eye color as well as the general color scheme of her clothes.  When she came, I was beyond happy, and even more excited at Ella's response to her...

But after the initial opening, Ella went back to her in-the-moment love, anything with wheels!  So dolly was set in Ella's crib with her books (she is the only plush toy in her crib and sits among her books in the corner of her crib, while I am not an advocate of putting plush toys in a child's crib, I do not consider dolly a suffocation risk...sorry for the downer, but these are some of the things you think of as a parent!)  So there dolly sat day after day for a month.  We are big proponents of gender-neutral and open-ended imaginative toys, so we didn't push.  She chooses what she's interested in and we trust her!

Then, about a month ago, Ella noticed dolly.  Not just noticed, loved.  Suddenly, she and dolly do lots of things together - not inseparable, she's able to play without dolly, but when we are at home dolly is always close at hand!  Here are some dolly fun-facts according to Ella:

- Dolly apparently has stinky toes
- Dolly uses Ella's potty by being folded in half and shoved in
- The dog is not interested in Dolly
- Dolly likes to be cleaned and covered in washclothes
- Dolly is often cold and must be covered by anything, including the hall rug

It's really quite adorable watching her play, watching her imagination grow.  Just another reminder that my little baby is growing up.  She's a toddler now and has her own ideas about things and right now dolly is right there with her!!


Zelde said...

Oh, I used to have a handmade doll I loved beyond anything. Two, actually. A small soft one and a larger one with more realistic proportions. I still keep them.

Melissa said...

So cute. Love her little doll and she is pretty cute too.


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