Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sew inspired!

Finally having a sewing space has led to a rash of sewing...strange, I know!  I am finishing up one project (a sewing machine cover) and have three more projects waiting in the wings, including a robe for Miss Ella-Bean who routinely has icicles for hands and toes in the morning when she is running around.  But even though there is much to do, I cannot help but be inspired to do more!  Here are some sewing inspirations that I've been eying (and will probably attempt)!

i stitched a bag.
Love this! In fact, I have a vintage red Samsonite bag that could use a bit of sprucing...hmmm...

 I am seriously in LOVE with this handmade sweatshirt and hope to create something as beautiful (and functional!) someday soon(ish). 

This darling dress pattern creates an equally adorable (and reversible) dress - I have just the fabric for one (or many!!)

Compared to these, my makeup bag is so boring, guess it's time for a new one!

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Lisa said...

Hey! Thanks for posting my hoodie :)


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