Monday, January 24, 2011

Ice Bunting? Brrrr!

Last Friday the high temperature in Chicago was 9F degrees.  If you ask me, that's not a temperature, that's a child's age!  Needless to say, we were not spending a lot of time outside last week.  To make things worse it was gray, gray, gray out!  So when I came across Two Chick's and a Hen's awesome idea for a colorful ice bunting, I thought, "Frozen fingers be you-know-what, I'm making it!"  It is shown as a project fit for preschoolers or a bit old, but since Ella is still a toddler, I decided to tackle this one on my own!  While Ella-Bean slept, I gathered the needed supplies - molds for the ice, food coloring and twine.
(bunting in the night light)

Some thoughts on supplies... 
- The twine I used was not synthetic, or soft, and when dipped into the water prior to freezing started to untwist itself, inadvertently dipping into surrounding molds.  Very annoying!  Also, because of the rough nature of the twine my fingers got pretty raw braiding and then tying on the ice charms.  I'd recommend using a synthetic (but strong!) string instead.

- Ice molds that worked well included: small Tupperware squares, caps that go over the top of a bottle or sippy cup, and the tops of circular tin lip balm containers (that were rubbed with the residual balm - this is key for getting the ice out of such a small receptacle!)

- Ice molds that did not work included: film canisters (too small and deep), hard plastic cups (wouldn't release the ice), the top of the the lip balm containers without any balm (the ice smashed when I tried to release it!)

The way our deck is set up, there was no way for me to hang the bunting alone and without a ladder (and in a place where we would not have to duck under it every time we go in and out...which for me, is several times a day!)  I decided to hang two rows of bunting in the back window - it's at the end of our long, main hallway, and such a bright and cheery sight!  It's been up now for nearly 5 days and still going strong.  We have not had a day above freezing and I hope to have it around for a while longer...and hey, if it does melt, this project took me about an hour, so I could easily make another!!

(pretty view in an otherwise very gray and brown winter world!)

Thanks, Jaimie, for such a great idea!!! (Go check out her blog for this and other great ideas - especially for kiddos!!)


Jaimie said...

It looks great! Thanks for sharing! I love your interpretation with it hanging vertically. I think I'll do one of those next year in a different spot :).

Danielle said...

Super cute! I still want to do one of these, or something similar. I'll share if I do. :)


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