Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I *heart* Savannah...

Not Georgia, though I'm sure it's nice (and I'd like to visit some day), but rather my sister's Japanese Mastiff.  She is the sweetest dog known to man - a big love through and through - she has been one (of many) highlights of this visit.  Lexi has had Savannah since she was a puppy all floppy ears and big feet.  She loves people (even if they are a little afraid of her) and has the cutest smiley-sleepy face when she wakes up.

Savannah has come on many walks with us - here is Miss Ella-Bean taking her turn - Run Girls Run!!!

I mean, really, who could resists this happy face?!  (not me!)

Savannah also goes by Savannah-Banana or Banana-Banana or Banana-Pants (depending on the situation - ha ha!)  I cannot say enough nice things about this lovely lady... *sigh*

So if you are ever in New Hampshire and see this smiling pup, say hi, you'll be happy you did!


Pat said...

We heard all about what a lovely lady Savannah is from Ben--and thanks to you we get to see her! Still love Miss Ella-Bean's mohawk:)

Lexi said...

I quadruple heart savannah...


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