Friday, August 20, 2010

Elises' Gift

My youngest sister, Elise has graduated high school and is soon of to college.  For her graduation gift, I initially purchased some cups, bowls and plates from Target (the oh-so pretty Liberty of London line)...but when I actually got my purchases I was completely underwhelmed.  I felt that I could do better.  So during one of Ella's naps this week I whipped out my spray paint and created some very pretty dishes if I do say so myself!  I painted the back of the dishes and sealed them with several coats of Krylon Crystal Clear.  They will be hand-wash only, but hey, she'll be living in a dorm!  I'm thinking of making some for myself too - and the best part, it only took about an hour and a half to do this project!

The tall cups actually have three colors on them - one as the bottom color, one on the sides as the main decorative color and then the final outer color - SOOO pretty!!!

I used antique lace to create the pattern on some of the glasses - I used a doily on the plates and bowls and athletic fabric as well.

Outside of one of the bowls (and my pink toes!)

Here are what the plates look like from above (so the part you eat off of is just glass without any paint - all the paint is on  the bottom).  Hopefully Elise will like these as much as I do!!


pat said...

These are oh so beautiful! Wow! Pat

Elise said...

sis these bowls, plates, and cups are amazinnggg!! No matter how much I love Target things I think i'll love these even more in college, i'll have a little piece of you with me : ) i'll call you today with more compliments and gratitude about my graduation present.. love you!


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