Thursday, July 8, 2010

It finally happened...

 (Here is my sister, Lexi, helping teach Ella to crawl a couple of weeks ago - SO cute!!)

Today Ella-Bean and I were hanging out on the living room floor (where we have been all week since it's SO very hot out and I'm a big heat-wuss) and I was checking in on two of my favorite blogs when all of the sudden...Ella crawled to me!  I'll admit it - I flipped out!!  Then I grabbed my phone and enticed her with Ben's computer so that she would crawl again (Ella's mind: "Oooh - something I'm not aloud to touch - and now I can GET to it!")  It's official, my baby is on her way to bigger and better places (and eventually toddlerhood - eek!), I only hope that this also means just a touch more sleep for me for I have a project or five to finish and oh yeah, a house to clean.


pat folsom said...

You are becoming an outstanding photographer! What a perfect day:)

BeanMa said...

Wow. We're on the verge of crawling too... I wish she'd get to it already (she's waking up in the middle of the night)... I never thought to try to teach her, figuring she'd just pull it off on her own, but now I'm inspired to try to help things along.


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