Sunday, July 11, 2010

Camping (in my mind)

We have so much fun camping gear...we also have an 8 month our camping gear has not been touched this year (or last year either - camping while very pregnant?  I don't think so.)  So perhaps this combination of access and circumstance explains why I am currently gaga over camping things.  They call to mind a romanticized vision of youth...sing-alongs, ghost stories, friends you made in a week who you swore you would write to (but never did)...what fun!  Perhaps in a year or two we'll be able to do more camping - I would love for it to be a fun family tradition Ella-Bean looks back on when she's an adult.  For now, though, enjoy some of my recent camping loves (a la etsy!)

(an Italian percolator you can take on the road!)

(I covet these prints!)


Lexi said...

First of all, sigh oh lake dunmore how I love thee...good times had by many a MIDD kid there. Second, I really liked this wording "...this combination of access and circumstance..." Definite A+ for quirky style and application in the sentence. Well done! Third, can Savannah and I come along too, that tent looked like it could fit us all ;)

Andrea!!! said...

@Lexi - since it is mind camping, all are welcome - and especially Savannah-Banana (psst...she's going to be featured soon since she is my anxious dog's only friend)!


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