Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Napping House

There is a house,
a napping house,
where everyone is sleeping. 

Yesterday was unseasonably cold and rainy...we had been running around all weekend and into the week and it was beginning to show in Ella's sleep (or lack there-of) at night.  The weather perfectly mirrored my intentions - catch up on sleep!  So we napped at 8am, we napped at 10am, another nap at 12pm and again at 3pm, then to bed by 6pm (and she got a good night's sleep!)  Our day reminded me of the children's book The Napping House by Audrey Wood where a child is asleep with his grandma and pets until a flea comes in and wakes them all up.  Fun and beautiful pictures, I must have read this book to my young siblings a hundred times, I'll have to get a copy for Ella once she's a bit older...but for now, we'll enjoy our own napping house!

1 comment:

YarnWrecks said...

Such a sweet picture - thanks for sharing. So cozy!


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