Saturday, June 5, 2010

I love Lotta

Lotta Jansdotter, that is!  She's a self-taught Scandinavian designer and I think she's fabulous.  Before Ella was born I got my hands on her baby sewing book and am now working on making every single thing in it...truly!  Even if Ella is past some things (like the swaddle), I have friends who are currently with-baby and could benefit (hopefully) from a handmade gift.

So I started easy, with the bib-kerchief.  It's a more stylish way of catching baby-drool. 

The nice part about Lotta's books is that they come with the patterns included, which is great for an amateur seamstress like me!  Word to the wise: do not start a project at 11:30pm when you are tired, you will miss-read the pattern...just trust me on this one! 

Due to my happy accident, I was able to make my bibs a little more funky by combining fabrics.  I also played with making one reversible, which I really like. 

The cool part about these bibs is once Ella out-grows the drooling stage and finally grows-in some hair, they can be used as hair-kerchiefs.


1 comment:

Lauren @ Hobo Mama said...

You are so creative! I'm really digging the hair kerchiefs and want some for myself now. :) Ella looks adorable in them in either form.


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