Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What is "creative" anyway?

I've been feeling really jazzed lately (yes, I just used the word "jazzed" - I also like the word "snazzy" - what's it to ya?!)  Anyhow, I've been participating in Rachel and Elsie's online art-journaling class.  It's been nice doing something artistically creative every day, and I've noticed the more I do, the more I want to do and the more creative ideas I come up with.  As I worked on a new journal page last week I was thinking about how my life lacked creativity for so long...but then I realized that it is not that my life has lacked creativity, it's just that I didn't recognize it as such.

In my life before Ella I was (and am) a social worker.  I love my field, the people I met both as clients and colleagues changed and inspired me in unimaginable ways.  Social work is inherently a creative endeavor - it is often described as a balance between art and science.  You can't just employ a therapeutic technique, you have to, for lack of a better word, feel it. 

Then I became a parent and again I'm finding myself getting creative.  Creative in enriching my child's life, creative in juggling life while holding a kiddo, creative with finding "us" time in our marriage and "me" time in my day.

I think that Evie S. put it perfectly when she said, "creativity is a holistic approach to life."  I think if we look close enough we will find creativity and inspiration in surprising places...and if you don't? Well then I highly recommend finding an art-journaling class as a good place to start!

P.S. Evie S. wrote an amazing article on what it is to be a Wife, Mom, Artist ... it is a quick and beautiful read, well worth an extra minute or two!


Rach said...

I'm glad your finding a new creative balance in your life, and loving that we get to see the results. Your pictures are awesome (and I'm totally jealous of your mad skillz :)

Danielle said...

Goodness! I've missed a lot!

I hadn't checked your blog since the first time it popped up in my stats, and well, now I come back and . . . wow! You've been a busy creative lady.

We really should do some making together. While being creative, solo-style, does beget more creativity, I find that it is magnified by spending some time, with others, doing the same.


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