Sunday, May 16, 2010


This weekend was both relaxing and productive.  I stole some quiet moments with my sewing machine and iron while Ella (and everyone else in the house) slept on Saturday.  I completed one drool-kerchief, but have some tweaking yet to do.  I also am reworking miss Ella-Bean's sandals - they are woefully small and she was not amused when I tried to see if her little toes could maybe fit...they didn't.

Next week is supposed to be beautiful - I plan on planting my container garden and finishing some more projects, as I have many new ones queuing up in my mind...I have a blanket or three that just have to come to fruition!

Here is my main source of inspiration lately... 

Indeed, she is all consuming in a most wonderful way.  I have heard of women feeling they have lost themselves as individuals when they have children.  If anything, becoming a mother has made me  At night, Ella goes to bed around 6:30pm, which is lovely as I have several hours to myself to finish chores, eat dinner, and catch up with Ben.  But by the time bedtime rolls around I am excited to snuggle down with my little bean.  I miss her!  She has made me a better person, I only hope I will be able to return the favor over her lifetime.

P.S. I know I have been reflecting a lot recently on what it is to be a mother to a young baby - yes they are work, but as some tragic stories have hit a little too close to home, I am happy to be waking at 2am with a hungry baby - it seems so little and trivial when compared to all the unknowns down the road.

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Elise Jane said...

Sister this post is adorable and I especially like the picture (I snapped it, correct?).. you before the bean were wonderful of course, but after the bean you are even better...don't you love it when that happens?


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